Wednesday, June 30, 2010

From here to Home!

Brayton. He's one! (Sitll cannot believe it!!!! )Relaxing at Redfish lake while we were camping last weekend in Stanley Idaho. It's beautiful and breath taking! We are so fortunate to live close to such a great stretch of mountains. After hundreds of photos last weekend I picked just this one to share for now.
We have so much going on and I cannot wait to post about it. The children will soon be sharing memories with some of my amazing family and I am thankful and excited to be giving them this opportunity! So, until then, it's just butt cheeks on the sand and I hope it makes you smile!

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Two Little Bugs and a Bichon said...

What a cute butt, there is no way B is one...I really think you are wrong about that!!! Yes, the mowers are VERY loud. I guess our ears just tune things out! We are excited about Tampa, my dad just moved there...I havent been in years since I was working and had clients down there. Now lets just pray we make it through the car ride!!