Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Running with Sparklers!

Go East young man, go east! The month of June proved to be a month of change for our family. Along with Brayton turning one, yes it's true, we were blessed with an opportunity to head in the direction of my home for work. North western North Dakota would be our backdrop for employment but Montana would be my first destination! Mixed feelings accompanied this opportunity. The little family we have here is close, very close! So the miles would be hard to take but we decided that we needed to try it out and at least give it a chance. Once again, our family amazed me and we all handled it like champs. Here are the pics to prove it! :)
Although I downloaded this backwards, I had to show off Tommy the Turtle. See Bodie and Annelise on the left? This is Tommy who represents the Turtle Mountains in North Dakota. Apparently, he is quite the man! Even landed himself as a question on Jeopardy. We got to see him up close and personal just blocks away from my cousin's house in Bottineau while we cheered on cousin Kylie at her t-ball game.
Brayton found himself right at home on the beaches of the Metigoshy lake. I probably murdered the spelling of that! My Dad actually attended boy scout camp there as a kid. One of my favorite things about going home is the stories you hear about your family and your past. What a great connection it was to hear my Dad had stayed there as a kid. Made that moment even more special to me and will always stay with me.
This is our resident dare devil Logyn! She is a wee 20 months old with the personality of a grown adult!! Sassy and fierce! She was the bravest toddler I have ever met and made me smile beyone words the entire time I was with her. She gives a delightful bear hug but will also show you her bear strength when needed. We loved getting to know her and miss her much already!
Annelise and Logyn loving some water time together! Kylie was so excited to have the kids coming to see her. I was just thrilled that Annelise would have some girl bonding time. All of my life I have wanted for a sister and I can't help but want that bond for Anna and somehow I felt really good about Kylie filling that role. She was the perfect friend and care taker. She watched over the kids and helped me with the basics every day still managing to have lots of fun with them. I swear her sweetness rubbed off on Annelise because she has been soooooo compassionate since we have been home. Just like her cousin Kylie.
This was on the 4th at my aunt and uncle's house in Plentywood. Yep, I know sparklers are dangerous. Yep, I know kids shouldn't play with fire. Yep, I know they are young but I simply don't care. They loved them and were all genuinely sad when each sparkler came to an end.
My Aunt Debbie has quite a love for fireworks. I neve knew this before. She was kind of our ring leader and a great one as well! The kids were in sparkler heaven!!!! This is the first year they have made it up long enough to see them and they were thrilled! We set them off a little early but the kids were sp happy and excited to be part of a celebration that they didn't care at all!
Bodie running with his sparkler. He is so free and careless. I should take a few lessons every now and again. Made me so happy to see my kids running free, wide open spaces, with so much excitement.
Kylie took this picture of Bodie. Happy. She captured happy. Nice!
Sparkler parade!!!!! My Aunt Debbie is the best. She ran a big sparkler parade with the kids and they loved it! She is so involved with them and they all loved her so much. As a kid I always thought Debbie was the best mom. She was always doing things with her girls. So active in their activities and life. She has made me think about my own self a lot and how I want to be. She has inspired me and earned so much respect from me. While I was there she was a great listener and friend, a great aunt and great-aunt to my babies. How lucky I feel to call her my aunt!
Brayton in Montana. Looks perfect to me.
Kylie took this picture too and what is so funny is this is the picture that best describes our entire trip. Happy! We had our problems with adjusted schedules, routine, and every other thing you would expect from going so far away from home but we were all genuinely happy almost the entire time. Smiles, laughter, hugs. . . . .Love it!
Getting in the groove of the sparkler! They were a little careful at first but soon they were as carefree as the rest of us.
Smores. . . .Need I say more?????

This is what family looks like in my mind. Everyone together doing the same thing. Laughing. Loving. Living. It was so special to me to show my kids the way family can be. I loved showing them how miles apart can't take away closeness or genuine love for each other.
At a park in Plentywood having fun with Aunt Debbie and Unlce Randy!Brayton enjoying some hang time!
My cousin Lisa and her daughter Nicole. Sweet cannot even describe the two of them! Lisa was born from sugar I swear!!!!!! I haven't seen her in quite a while but the second I heard her voice I know she hadn't changed a bit! They don't make them any kinder or sweet!
We set free a memory balloon while in Montana. The children set free a balloon for Great grandpa Howard, Great Grandma Lois, Great Grandma Annie, and Great-great-grandma Alice who died at 102. It was really sweet. Although they are gone, I am constantly reminded of them and was blessed to pay even the smallest tribute to them all. I will always regret not seeing them more and taking the time to let them know how much they meant to me.

My Aunt Arlene gathering candy with the kids at the 4th of July parade. The fact that she was willing to run for candy made her a sure favorite with the kids. What's not to love thought? She really is sweet as candy!
Sprinkler time in Montana!!!!!!!
Logyn. Miss her lots!!!!
What do you do when you turn 100? Well, if you are the small town of Outlook, MT, you throw a parade and get silly!! Look at that tractor? WOW!!!
You also hold anual bath tub races! Of course! Why didn't I think of that?
Ready. . . .Set. . . . . . . . GO!!!!!!
Anna's first blue ribbon for a race!!!!! Yep! I have it saved! Yep! I hope it is one of many since we are family who loves track!!!!! I was proud of my shy girl for even trying. She has proven to be one strong girl lately. Much like a cat, she stays in the distance until she needs to pounce. Then she is all business!!!!
Starting out our stay with a memorial 5k run/walk. It was nice to pay tribute to someone they hold dear. Plus, I got to spend time with my aunt!
Taking pictures as we enter Montana. Being home just felt so good!!!! I couldn't help it! Something wonderful about home soil under your feet. Makes me want to go home more often for sure.
Almost 20 hours in the car. . . .each way. That's all I can say!!! They did great actually. I was amazed and impressed and most of all. . . . . .GRATEFUL!!!

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Brandy said...

Love, love, love this! We were also so happy the entire time you were here with us(other than the few obligatory time outs on the step). I so enjoyed the time I got to spend with you and to refresh our relationship. Cousins cannot be held back by miles!