Saturday, October 2, 2010

Home is where your heart is. . .so they say!

I know the old saying. "Home is where your heart is." Surely that must be true. Surely when the boxes are all packed and the tape has sealed them shut my heart will be in there somewhere waiting to be opened at the next destination. Right?
There are so many, many things I am so grateful for right now. We have work. Our employees are getting paid. We are all healthy and well. So, there are numerous things to rejoice about. It's simply that no matter how simple, or how silly it may sound, I am having a very hard time walking away from this home.
This house is the home all three of our babies came home to. The house they have had every "first" in. The house we remodeled with our own hands over a matter of years. There were no trees, shrubs, or even a circle drive. The inside was a disaster and yet Bodie saw the potential and talked me into what it could be. I trusted his vision and was so happy I did.
This is the place our families have gathered and holidays have been photographed. The place I cried when my grandparents died and the place I laughed while we enjoyed our babies.
Make no mistake, I am sure it will all be as it should be when the boxes are unpacked but right now, right this very second, I feel a little broken and sad to go.
I know it's just a house. A material object. However, it's still my home and where my heart would like to stay.

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Two Little Bugs and a Bichon said...

Sorry you are feeling blue. We moved in March and it killed me walking out of the door, leaving their nursery, leaving the floors I paced with babies in my arms, leaving the first grass they ever crawled in...I totally get it. The hardest part is walking out of the door, you will feel better once you are busy unpacking and forming a new routine. Hang in there. Oh, and yes Kate Spade china...good eye girlfriend!!! ;-)