Friday, December 17, 2010

"Da Da, Wasch B!"

What you say? What on earth am I talking about? "Da Da Wasch B!" is exactly what I meant. Brayton's first sentence is what that is! Bodie and Annelise were running back and forth and yelling "Daddy, watch me!" when Brayton decided to join in. So he promptly ran to the step and yelled for Daddy to watch him. Love it.
On a more holiday, festive, seasonal type of note. We put up our tree the other day and oh boy, what an event! We put on our jolly Christmas/Holiday music, sipped warm cider by the gallon, broke more ornaments than you can imagine, and danced like fools. The day was not so smoothe but we had a great time anyway.
This is just part of the mess that we had going on that day. After the broken snowglobe and coffee mug filled to the brim with cider, the mess traveled to the family and kitchen as well. :) I like how a three year old has to lay EVERYTHING out in order to see what must go on the tree first. I didn't understand their logic but I did say that they were in charge and that is exactly how it went.
Brayton in the highchair sipping cider while I was sweeping up one of the numerous broken ornaments. At least he looks jolly!
What you can't see from here is the serious lean our tree has going on. Notice how short it is? Well, like I said, we decided to let them do everything but the lights and that is why we chose the Mini tree!
Brayton testing lights. . . .seems logical to let the 17 month old do this right? He was a bit determined all day to play with the light sockets. So, there you have it. Our day of putting up what could be the most interesting tree we have ever had. I will have to post photos of the finale later!

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