Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!

Are we the only family that cannot believe the holiday season is already in full swing and rapidly passing you by? Most likely not! This year I actually sent out a card and letter! Every year I fully intend to get that letter written but it simply has never happened. With all the changes we have had this year, I figured it would be a great year to finally do it. Well, now the mystery is how you fit an entire year into one 8.5"x11" sheet of paper. Sigh! After writing it, I felt like I left out so many great moments. In the process, I also managed to write something in a way that I was bombarded with phone calls asking if I was pregnant. LOL! Leave it to me!!! The long and the short of the letter is that we are all well, we are all as happy as we have ever been, we love our family, our friends, and we hope that this year will bring love, laughter, joy, and peace to everyone we know!
Bodie all "googley-eyed" in the morning.
Annelise our resident artist. So thankful that she has been down the Great-Grandma Lois gene and loves anything to do with art.
This is how our riveting game of hide and seek looks around here. Do you see anyone?
The children all take swim lessons here at the YMCA and love it! They all love playing in the water wherever we are but I cannot stress enough how great it is to know you children are learning how to actually swim. That simple act can save their life one day and I am all for the lesson while having blast!
These beautiful horses live here. . . lucky us!
Everyone keeps asking us about the cold. Yes, it's cold but if you ask me, after a certain degree, it's all the same. You still get bundled up and layered up to go play. The snow has certainly fallen and our property looks so beautiful all blanketed in white. We have chosen to embrace this weather and love it. After all, the children love the snow and it's all in how you chose to view it.
This is Kitty Kitty, Pokie Pokie, and Alice out in the barn with Anna. Everyone loves the new additions and although Bodie and I are not cat people, even the two of us have come to love them. The cats just follow us around everywhere we go and it's pretty funny to watch them play in the snow too. They may convert us yet!
We joined my cousin Brandy and her family in Minot for a day of swimming recently. We also got to spend some time with my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Randy that day as well. Having some family near is an added bonus for sure. They also got to witness a nice melt down by Annelise that day while we all went shopping. To put it mildly, Target may never let us back in!!! :)
Annelise swimming. She is quite the Ham now days!
Thought we leave you with a smile. . . .worth a thousand words! We hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday and even though we are far away from friends and family, we think of everyone often! Love and miss you!!!!

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