Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night~

Merry Christmas!!!! A few days ago, our new friend's from a few farms down called and inquired what we were doing for Christmas. We hadn't planned anything other than doing a whole lot of nothing so when she declared "We will be your family here!" I was very touched. So on Christmas Eve afternoon we loaded the children and kitty cat snowmobile to head on over. The children had so much fun playing together and everyone was excited when we suited up and headed outside. They have so many animals to play with that Annelise was in HEAVEN!!! Chickens, ducks, turkeys, goats, kittens, dogs, cows, horses, and even a few rabbits! Anna told me "I wuv it here!" and I was so happy to hear that she continues to love our move to ND and all her new adventures. Bodie and Daddy became snowmobile crazy with their older daughter Austyn taking numerous runs around the farm. Bodie was so serious about his riding and we are pretty sure we have a future pro on our hands!
Here he is taking the Kitty for a spin!
Austyn taking Brayton for a ride. She was such a great little host making the kids feel so welcome and invited. We can already tell that the 5 of them will be fast friends!
Annelise in one of the barns observing some of the animals. She has loved animals for as long as I can remember and was just so happy to be surrounded by them!
Misty showing Annelise how to feed the birds. She was a great listener and happy to do the work! The afternoon was followed up by some snacks and chatting and ended all too soon for sure!
After a great afternoon at the Schafer residence, we headed home to eat a little dinner, get in our jammies, and write the Santa letter. Annelise is seriously certain she wants "nothing" so that is what I wrote. She is too funny but not an ounce greedy. They also decided that Santa should drink water instead of milk. Guess he's lactose intolerant in their minds? They also left him some art work just incase he needs a little something for his wall!
Leave a letter. . . . .
Get a letter!!! Sideways, but if you think I know how to fix that now, you would be wrong!
So bright and early, we were up as usual and so happy to see Santa found us.
The rain boots have been the big hit around here so far although, give it an hour and I could repost a new favorite.
So now we are just enjoying the afternoon of nothing and playing with our new stuff. The children didn't get a lot but they were sure happy with it all. What a relief to know that you don't need a tree mounding with gifts to make the holiday special. We hope all our friend's and family are having a wonderful day filled with love, peace, and all the joy in the world! It's a beautiful, chilly, white wonderland here and we are loving every minute. Just wanted to pop on here so the grandparent's could see what the kid's were up to!
Merry Christmas!!!!!

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