Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Big Event!

The Big Event! I actually think the name that would have suited today's activity better would have been "The CRAZY Event". Every year a gathering of local churches come together and put on a "Big Event" for children. We saw the add and knew this was right up our alley! First of all, I love that numerous religions pull together for one event and the other thing I loved was that it was FREE! Yep! Free!! "You had me at Free!!!"
This blurry picture really defines the entire 3 hours we were there! CRAZY!! The lines to get in were an hour long. . . but someone I know may have entered the wrong part of the building and been luckily ushered in by a lovely man who worked there, or not. Either way, we got in jiffy quick on accident and were so happy for not knowing our way around the civic center! We brought a bag of canned goods for the food drive, got to talk about giving and those in need, and played our hearts out! There were far too many people for me to try and make new friends since my eyes were focused on my three kiddos but we had a great time regardless.
The twins are really too old for the stroller but with today's 40 degree temp., the snow melting and all the water in the parking lots made it a must since I can't carry three and they don't know how to avoid a puddle. Plus, I still find it useful for crowds and containing the little peeps! It also comes in handy when the children have reached their end of the rope and need to exit swiftly. I just slap them in and make my brisk get-a-way!
Markers. I, personally, do not like them for children. For children or for my home. I love paint, crayons, play-doh, finger paint, you name it! Markers are different for me. Markers seem so, hmmmm, forever! However, they end up here in gifts or art projects and then we have what you see above. I do think it's funny when they do this so I am also no help. Bodie was having more fun coloring his face than his project.
Brayton thought Bodie had a great idea going and decided to take charge of his own make-over. He was REALLY into it and cried when I had to wash it off. The one thing I realized when I was washing it off of him though was that he still has that chubby little baby skin. The squishy soft kind that always smells so good. I also took note that soon it will be gone. So we decided to color ourselves more often so they can have fun and I can see, touch, and smell that beautiful baby before he is too grown to know I am smothering him!Take note that Annelise has not even a hint of marker on her. Smart girl. When I asked her why she didn't want to join them she quickly let me know it was too hard to get off. Memory of a steel trap and sharp! I knew I liked her!! Our project for the day was rolling out the butcher block of paper and tracing our bodies. Learning to peel stickers was also a great activity for little fingers and we also traced shapes. Annelise loves to sit there and learn but the boys. . . as you can see. . . would rather color their faces!!!
Lastly, today when walking to the car from the Civic Center, Annelise stepped in some water. I quickly said "Oh, shake it off!" and her response was "Like a Po-or-roid picture?" (poloroid) I just got the best laugh out of that and love that my 3 year old is whitty like that!
The sun is shining here, we are loving it's warm embrace on our faces, and are getting excited for more outdoor time!

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Tired Parents said...

Sounds like a very fun and worthy event! I am glad you like living in ND. It sure looks cold, but you've got those snow toys you can hitch a ride on. I bet at times, it is even too cold to do that. Thanks for leaving me a nice comment. The children certainly teach me to push myself and become stronger. As I aways say, I think your positive energy lifts up everyone's energy. You are a rare gem. Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day today!