Monday, February 7, 2011

A day in our life!

Belgian Waffle beginnings with my helpers.
A hot mess by early morning is pretty standard around here.
The snow "mountains" (as the children call them) are getting bigger and bigger!
Brother's going for a ride on a gorgeous day.
The Professor and his student.
It's going to be a little while before I get back into the barn.
Dance fever is pretty common around here and seems to hit unexpectedly.
When all else fails, grab the kitty cat and ride the day away!
Three amigos!
He's getting so big! 19 months old already!!!
A girl and her dress up are never far apart!
Sliding down the mountains in our yard! What you can't hear is Bodie laughing hysterically!
Stroller races. Brayton get's a free ride!
Jump. . . .jump. . . . baby!
So beyond our weekly swim lesssons, play dates with the neighbor's, and the past weekend's super bowl parties this is what we do on a daily basis. Trips to town (27 miles away) for groceries, get-together's, or places to play and our country adventures keep us hopping. This past weekend my cousin Brandy also came to stay a few nights which was nice for me. As we get to know more and more new people we continue to be amazed at the kindness that welcomes us here in ND as well.

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