Thursday, February 24, 2011

West Yellowstone

West Yellowstone really is a natural wonder! What a beautiful place! No matter how many times I have been there, I am always left with a new found love for it. This weekend was riddled with animals on the drive in and out as well. There were Moose and baby calves, loads of Elk, Deer by the handfuls, Big Horn Sheep so close to us we could have touched them, either a bobcat or mountain lion cub (I couldn't tell), and then birds, fox, and the other critters that come standard on every visit! It was a beautiful sunny weekend with warm temps and big snow flakes! By warm I mean 20-30's but if you are from ND, that is warm! We bundled up and cruised the town!

Brayton fell asleep on the back of the sled I used to pull the twins through town. It was actually very funny and he was so content that we just let him ride this way for quite a while.
This is Ally, our babysitter we brought along. She played with us all day and then in the evening Bodie and I were able to grab dinner with friend's minus the babies. It was a very nice treat for me and Bodie to have time together. She lives here in Wilton too so we have really enjoyed getting to know her!
Brayton and Daddy at the hotel pool waterslide. You wouldn't think he would be thrilled about it but he had to go back again, and again, and again.. . . . . He loved it!!!
THe children checking out a Wolf at the Discovery Center. What a neat place! This wolf was quite a poser too and let us gaze at him for a long, long time. What a grand animal when seen so close.
Brayton cathing a little break on the bear chair.
One of our friend's brought along their boy Aiden as well. He was a huge hit with my kid's and proved to be very strong as well. Nothing like an adventure with a new friend!
The Wolves.
Bodie was a big fan of climbing all the snow hills in town. This was a pretty steep one as well but he seemed to have no problem. Guess he might be part monkey after all!
Anna Banana
The two of them really loved checking out the bears at the Discovery Center. They were beautiful so we managed to drag this activity out a while!
Bodie and Daddy hitting the slide as well! Swimming was a big part of our day. Since in swim lessons, they are quite the fish and think they are pretty hot stuff.
More climbing. . . . .they couldn't get enough!

Bodie pulling his sleepy brother through town.
We really did have a great time and although it is hard to get photos of the children while I am trying to wrangle them, this is what we did get. I didn't get the mountains, snowmobiling, the dinner's with friend's, or the journey in or out but it was magnificent! Beautiful place that we love and hope to return to soon!!!1

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