Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Big Boy "B"

It really is hard to believe that there are no more babies in the house. Hard to believe that we are in full toddler frenzy here but we love every minute! Brayton turning two has been some big stuff around here. Our first party in ND and our first chance to celebrate with new friends and even some family! Here are a few pics from the party.

Aiden, Bratyon, and his look-a-like pal Alex! Alex has been a fun buddy for Brayton and is only a month older.

The children all go a little crazy whent he candy falls! Pinata fun at another birthday party!

A full day of BBQ, pinata's, cake, water slides, dirt bikes, friend's, and fun! The day was predicted to have rain and drizzle but ended up being PERFECT for lot's of water and outdoor play. A great handful of new friend's and even some family came on over to celebrate the big day. My cousin Brandy and her family even stayed the whole weekend which made it extra special! The gorgeous prairie sky is a highlight after a quick burst of rain that night! Our Idaho mountains were sure beautiful but we are certainly enjoying the view from here as well.

The water slide was a major hit! In fact, we didn't take it down for a week. Just moved it around the yard and the kid's play on it almost every day. Well worth it!

"Cars" was the theme since he is a little obsessed with it right now. He had Lighning McQueen everywhere! Even the pinata! Singing happy birthday is the moment I always realize we are moving to the next age. Not sure why but it kind of chokes me up every time.

Brayton getting jiggy with his cake! Sugar treats are not lost on this boy! He loves a little sugar more than his brother and sister ever did! It was so much fun to see him be celebrated! We were also especially grateful to show our new friend's how much we appreciate their friendship.

And now we are two! Brayton has had some major big steps this year as well. He can go poo and pee int he potty and we are working on being 100% toilet trained. He talks up a storm and can immitate almost anything we say, including things he shouldn't! Uh-oh! He can do lot's of things himself that include getting his own yogurt, sitting on the potty with no help, getting out all his toys and putting them away, riding a trike, and he also colors a mean picture!! He is a spit fire and a dare devil who loves swimming and his siblings. Never passes on a cuddle and is quickly changing from a Mommy's boy to a Daddy's boy. He can make you laugh all day and also grit your teeth. He is just the best surprise we never knew we could get!

Happy Birthday to you, Brayton!!!! We all love you and are so proud of you!!!!

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