Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Preschool. . . .Here We Come!!!!!

This year has brought so many fun changes in our house but none more exciting than the start of preschool!!! With the twin's having a late August birthday, they miss the cutoff dates for numerous programs but FINALLY, this year we are preschooler's!

They have looking forward to school since I enrolled them last February. That's right, I said February! We barely made the class as well and were thrilled that they would be together in the same room on their first year. They both got a jump start on the day and were ready to go right on time! I let them both pick their own clothes and I love that they ended up sort of matching. The only part they were concerned with was leaving Pippa and Polly.
I might pass out of "cuteness" overload here with those backpacks! They were full steam ahead and so excited to get to their room.

The best part of it all was that there wasn't a tear from either one. It was one of my best "Mommy Moments" ever! It made me feel so great to know that we have raised children so confident and secure that they weren't afraid to go the morning without us. For children that have almost never been babysat, I thought that was great! Maybe it's just me, but I was a really proud Mom!

Brayton loved going, too! So much so that when they were out of sight, he cried all morning without them. :( I never even imagined that he would be so sad. He just missed them so dearly. The hardest part for me was picking them up. I about burst into tears when I saw how well they did, how much they loved it and big it made them seem. Bodie told me "It was more awesome than I ever thought" on the way home and really, it was WAY more awesome than I thought, too.

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