Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big Stuff to a Kiddo!

Every year around the children's birthday's we set up the standard Dr. appointments just to make sure we are all A-Ok! When we were in Idaho, I adored, no let me rephrase that, I LOVED our Pediatrician and Dentist. I was certain that I would only be discouraged with anyone else. Well, not so, no so!

These are the Hygenists at Dr. Goebel's office and they were sweet as the day is long. Our children were so thrilled with them and when the Dentist sang to them they were in seventh heaven!!!
Everyone has fabulous looking teeth and the older two were complimented on their great brushing while Brayton was actually told he could take it down a notch. Not sure if I ever mention how he use to love brushing so much that he did it 3-10 times a day! His teeth look great but the Dentist thought he would have more fun playing than brushing so lightening up wouldn't be a problem. Bodie was the only one who had a tooth under watch for a developing cavity.

At our Pediatrician's office we were excited to see the Dynamic Duo is growing!!!!

Another great find, after many interviews, we have Dr. McDonough.

Anna tips the scales at a whopping 32 lbs. now and Bodie heads up the rear at 28 lbs. He's a pint sized powerhouse!!! Still on the small scale but certainly healthy and happy!!!

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