Tuesday, September 27, 2011


There are just some things that my camera cannot catch. There were HUNDREDS of butterflies in these photos. HUNDREDS! It was like we were at a butterfly sanctuary or something. We went outside the other day and were greated by hundreds of Monarch's and little yellow butterflies.
We were also playing with colored bubbles that our friend's, and landlord's, gave the children for their birthday. They are the greatest fun. . . .outside! :) Thankfully, my children were only green and orange for a few hours. They really do wash right off and are such a treat!

It was so thick with Monarch's that they were climbing on the children's fingers. We have recently checked out "Velma Gratch and the Way Cool Butterfly" from the Library as well and were thrilled to have just learned about Monarch's.

It sounds so corny to say but it was so magical. My babies were being surrounded by butterflies and Annelise was in absolute heaven! It was like a gift I could never buy but was so glad to receive. There are moments like this that happen and I don't get a picture or end up writing them down but this one, I wasn't going to miss.

I wish it would have photographed better but it was truly amazing. They all still talk about it daily and there are still quite a few lingering around that remind us of that moment. It was one of those times with your children you hope you never, ever forget.

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