Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Western Idaho Fair!

Although I hadn't been to the fair in YEARS, the babies and I have been about 4 times already and it's not even over! Annelise is such an animal lover and both babies love the lights and excitement that I figured why not while it's here. Both Bodie and Annelise have been nibbled on by the goats and in return the goats have had way more lovin' than they bargained for from the babies. In their new BOB stroller from Grandpa Duane they are super cozy and don't mind the heat when they are that relaxed. YEAH!
Daddy and Annelise at the fair! What a pretty pony Daddy picked for Anna! She loved the ride and got a real thrill out of finding me on the outskirts.
Bodie and Mommy coming around! Bodie being such a thrill seeker kept his hands up the entire time. He was super busy looking all around tryin to figure out why this one is so much bigger than the one at the zoo???
If you give two babies a mouse?? One of our outings was with Stacey and Wyatt Cline. He is just the cutest thing EVER and was so much fun. At three years old he is so articulate and has been for some time that it's great to hear all the things he is thinking. What a fun day we had!
Staceh holding Bodie while the clown entertained the children. Bodie is naked, again, because he poored his water all over himself and was sitting in a pool, literally! It was a great day. Not to hot but just right and the babies thought Wyatt was so much fun to watch. The babies sure got a lot of attention for being twins but at least that sort of stuff is starting to fade. Being a twin is sure fun for them but sometimes they get a little invaded.


The Bishop's said...

Miss Kimmy....
The babes are absolutly BEAUTIFUL! I cant believe how big they have both gotten! We should get together and have the kids play!! We are always lookin for fun activities!!!
Love ya! Miss ya tons!!!

LCKellam said...

I can't believe I found you guys! I stumbled across last years XMas card and had to track you down! The kids are sooo cute! Lisa told me they are awesome kids too - I miss you 2 - Lets catch up soon!

Lots of love to you all, today & always -

Laurel -