Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lake Babies!

Baby bottoms!
Annelise enjoying her last minute of life-jacket free fun as we got ready to take off!
Sailor keeping the babies happy!
A little time to BBQ on the grass.
What a week! Our entire family spent three straight days and evenings on the water this past weekend and had a great time! We were lucky enough to spend it with a different group of friends every day and we also had a little family time. We BBQ'ed and relaxed at three different lakes as well which was fun. It's always nice to change up the scenery. My brother brought some of his family up Sunday and my nephew and our friends daughter Sailor were fast friends. It's nice that our friends have such great kids and we just enjoy watching the twins make new friends. They are so happy to have other kids around all the time and we feel blessed that this is a common occurance. Our babies have been so surrounded by great people their entire life! It's amazing that they will be a year in a few short days!

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