Saturday, August 9, 2008

MK Nature Center with Miss Nadia!

Nadia and the twins hanging out in the park after a visit to the MK Nature Center.
Nadia leading us through the nature center one hot trail at a time!

This past Thursday we were lucky enough to get Miss Nadia all afternoon to ourselves! Nadia is the daughter of one my dearest friends and we just love her to bits! The three of them had a great time checking out the nature exhibits and and seeing all the great fish that are on display. It was 101 degrees out that day and we were all ready for some cold beverages in the park when we were done. We cut our outdoor activities a bit short due to the heat but we all ended up making cookies instead so I would say it was a pretty fair trade! Any day we get little Miss Nadia is a good one! She certainly puts a great big smile on all or our faces!

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