Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer fun!!

Annelise looked very sassy in my vintage swimsuit from 1973! Swimwear has come a long way in the past 35 years but we had to bust it out at least once this summer. The reality is that both babies end up running around naked by the end of the day but we like to look like we try to keep them in clothes. As usual, we have been having a wonderful time on the sunny banks of the river. Many of our friends have finally come up to join us as well this past month and we think they are having just as much fun as we are!
The babies bursting with curiosity about everything!
We are always spending so much time at the lake or river that I haven't felt the need to get our pool out for the kids. This past week I thought we'd give it a whirl! It was a huge hit with Bodie and just alright for Annelise. Bodie loved the sprayer and so did Lucy but Annelise thought the water could have been warmer. It was still a new activity and we love those!
Naked babies poolside! I decided that the birthday suit was the way to go here. Why not? I would have joined them but I'm not sure our neighbors are ready for that. . . or myself!
Stephanie, Bodie and Doug. . .yep, that's a crab he's got. . . getting ready to float down the rapid. It's a class 3 rapid so it's not little but they all survived! It was lots of fun watching and it provided many rounds of entertainment for us all!

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