Saturday, January 10, 2009


Every other month or so I like to print off the pictures on actual paper and put them into the babies photo albums. It's actually become a habit I've kept up on quite well and am proud for getting done. However, anyone who knows me knows I'm no computer genius and today is proof. Somehow I managed to hit the format buttom and lost all of my recent pictures. There were only about 8 days worth of photos lost but there were some good ones! Bummer for us!

Had we had photos you would have seen a very sweet playdate with Wyatt Cline at Rafiki, the kids coloring efforts (That I must say have come a long way!), the babies loving their new table and chairs, and not one but two great playdates with our sassy buddy Sailor. Just picture the two most adorable smiles ever, some bad photography and there you have it. We promise to never do that again!

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