Saturday, January 24, 2009

Phew! What a week!

We have been having fun with dress up around here and dishtowel turbins are super fun! They really enjoy spending time with one another now that they are so expressive. I love it when the twins give each other hugs and it's even better when I catch it on film.

Our friend Amanda brought her very adorable daughter Melanie over for a playdate this week. She is three and a half months and so cuddley and sweet. She made Bodie and I so excited to have another baby in the house soon. In the meantime, we would just like to have more of the Melanie and Amanda over! Mom time together is priceless!

Annelise and Bodie both know how hard farmers work and are learning first hand about the beer break at Grandpa George and Grandma Linda's house!

What a week! Although the camera was left behind on several occasions (bummer) we captured a few moments this week and thought we would just share the rest. What we couldn't catch on film is how talkative our duo is now! Both babies talk non-stop and we hope to eventually figure out what they are saying. The translation is hilarious though and daddy and I are kept laughing by the two of them daily!
In a nutshell. . . We ran around the RV show and drooled over fabulous new travel gadgets, played at Rafiki while making new friends for mommy and the babies, had a cheerio blow out with mommy's friend Bobbi (super fun to step on if you are one!), attended our regular story hour at Barnes and Noble with Belinda, ran around MOTO ONE rearranging the shelves while we got to run errands with Daddy and do man things, went to Midvale and spent the afternoon on Grandpa's farm, and had a double birthday party at Uncle Boyd and Aunt Donna's for Tucker and Nanny Bates' birthday.
We also had our 15-18 month check ups and are doing great! Annelise is powering thru toddlerhood at 21 lbs and 30" tall landing her at exactly 20% for weight and 49% for height. Bodie is too busy to add any lbs so he's bringing up the rear with 18 lbs. and 29". That's -3% for weight still and 10% for height but he's a strong fella with a heart in the 100%! We did get some blood work done to make sure everything is as it should be and it all came back just fine so we'll have to concentrate on bulking that kid up!
WHEW!!!!! I'm sure there are a few things I have forgotten because this week was seriously that crazy!!! The good thing is we saw lots of friends and family and loved every minute of it! Grandpa Duane wasn't feeling well this week but now that he's on the mend we hope to see him soon this coming week!

Oh! I almost forgot! We went to the hospital and saw our newest future play buddies Memphis and Cash! Our friends Tony and Maggie welcomed their twins last week and they are soooooo cute! I can't believe how tiny and sweet they are. Maggie was a champ and all of them went home together and are doing well! YEAH!


MeLaNie's moMMy said...

We had fun too!! It was sooo good to see you guys and I would love to see you more often. I cant believe how much they change when you let a little time slip by!

C. Nash said...

I am so looking forward to being able to get out and about with our twins...I am jealous. You are such an energetic, awesome mommy...pat yourself on the back!!!