Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random moments this week~

The corn field in our backyard was finally harvested this week. Heaven knows it needed to come down but we loved the privacy it provided for so long. The twins were pretty impressed with the big loud machine as it rumbled so close to our house. It was spitting corn out everywhere and they thought that was pretty funny.

The Bumbo challenge! They can get themselves in but not always out!

Who doesn't love a ride on the magic blanket? The kids are tiny but pull these two around the living room a few times and see how tired you get! Daddy and I have to take turns!

Bodie holding one of Tony and Maggie's new twins when we went to visit the other day. This is what love looks like packed into 5 lbs! The whole family is doing great and the twins are beautiful!
Speaking of twins. . .you see the button for Tuesday on the web page today? Well, we don't know this family but one of their twin girls is being treated for a very aggressive cancer tumor that doubled this week in size. This just really strikes our hearts. I read this story and looked at our beautiful, healthy, strong, cancer-free children and couldn't help but feel that we have so much to be grateful for beyond what we even see. If you have a moment. . .

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