Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wee Wee Madam Annelise!

Is she French you say? Well, no. Quite frankly she is mostly Danish and Italian however she loves to wear this hat as if she is French. Beret over the eye! No matter how many times I pull it back up she pulls it down. This is also the only hat she actually likes to wear. Go figure!


M.M. said...

So cute! I just love little girl clothes.

Looks like you figured out how to add an html gadget, good job. If you want to customize your background. You can get a free background html from some websites (on my blog there is a link in the upper left corner for free backgrounds). You will have to switch your layout to "Minima" and then imbed the HTML code for what ever background you pick. Just copy the background code and go to your blog customize page, add a gadget (HTML) and then paste the background code into the box. Hope that helps. :)

M.M. said...

Oh wow, looks like the free background website i use is having problems. Well there are a few others out there. They should come up if you google free blog backgrounds. Sorry about that.