Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Eggstravaganza!!

This past Saturday was our local Easter Eggstravaganza!!! Just saying it makes you give a little "Whoo hooo!" doesn't it? Well, as our second year in a row we feel that we are veterans of this tradition now! It was a beautiful day, to say the least, and we sucked up evey ounce of sun we were given! This is the first year that the kids have dashed through the easter egg scramble for candy but let me reassure you that they caught on quickly! Our basket was FULL!!! We were so fortunate that our friends joined us and the kids played fabulously together for the better part of 5 hours. The Ames family and the Amber and Anson Miller were great additions this year and we hope they'll join us again next year! It was great seeing all the kids, the Easter decorations everywhere, and of course a family activity is always icing on the cake! We are enjoying our kids so much as they grow!! They are so funny now days and just full of endearing expressions and humorous moments!
The weekend was followed up by a fabulous snowmobile ride Sunday in Prairie! The sun was out full force again and we couldn't have had a better day! The Ames family went with us again and their three girls are entertainment for us all! We just love hanging out with them!
Friday was also a great playdate at the Stancui house with Stacey's play group. What a great group of women and kids to call our friends! We even have new twin boys that we are friends with who are only five days younger. Fun! We look forward to Fridays now for very good reason!
We are so happy about the great weather and so many fun and new events with friends. Our family has really settled into a great spring pace already and we are lovin' every minute!


Machelle said...

Too cute! I am glad you had a great weekend!!!

M.M. said...

fun times! Happy Easter!