Saturday, April 11, 2009

Paintin' Eggs!

Wade, Natalie, Angela, Lisa, McKenna, and Garrett getting busy!
Natalie dishing out some love to Grandpa while Nicole and Ryan bring their A-game to painting! We are looking forward to seeing Nicole and Ryan's new home soon and are excited and proud of them! We love having them over!
Aunt Angela was just shy of attacked by my kids to paint eggs. She was their "Go-to" gal for dipping in the colors! She was quite a trooper with color going everywhere!
Daddy helping the kids make some sticker collages. They were loving all the excitement!
Bodie would just run up and throw eggs in the colors! He loved it even though he could barely see what he was doing.
Annelise found that Uncle Kurt was the man for removing the paint from her hands! I think she loves to make a mess but doesn't like to get dirty!
Everyone knows you wash down Easter cupcakes with Corona!
Natalie and Annnelise.
Just a few of the eggs~
Is there anything more fun than painting Easter eggs? Maybe. . . BUT not this week! We had my family join us this past Wednesday for some good old fashioned painting fun! We also took the opportunity to celebrate my Dad's 66th birthday and my niece Natalie's 19th birthday. So it was three times the fun!!
My brother Wade brought over his girlfriend Lisa and her children for the first time this year. We really enjoy having them with us an are keeping our fingers crossed that Lisa and the kids will become a new addition in the Holtan family. How fortunate he is to have found such a great catch!
We hope everyone has a GREAT Easter and is blessed with good health and loads of happiness.


jbohldc said...

Looks like fun! We didn't do eggs for Weston's first Easter, just billy bob teeth :)

The Campbells said...

Beautiful eggs! Good job~ Glad you had fun.

Two Little Bugs and a Bichon said...

Ummm...those are the prettiest eggs I have ever seen!! Your group has some skills!!! I am sure when we do them next year they will be a lovely shade of brown or black!!!