Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This is how we roll!!

Our friend Sailor taking us for a ride! She even spent the night and baby Bodie was THRILLED to see her the next morning!

Uncle Kurt taking us for a spin around the driveway!
Bathing beauties!

Heading out Easter morning to gather our loot only to discover our dog found and ate half of it!
Water world! Not the bad movie. Just the adorable kids!

It's been a crazy busy week! With no shortage of sun to play in we have literally been outside all day almost every day! Having a blast!!! The kids love being outdoors. Any outdoors will do as well. Last weekend we went to Clay Peak to ride dirt bikes and even though it was HOT, rocky, and super dusty the kids still managed to have fun. Bodie is cutting four teeth this week taboot and even that hasn't stopped him from playing non-stop. I can't complain about having outdoor babies!
We have also been working on the yard with avengance! Seriously, don't know what we were thinking when we landscaped this entire property! We must have been younger with no kids and ten times the energy. Today after we prune the last of our trees we will finally be on the planting stage and then just to keep up with the weeds. Two days of weed pulling. . . no joke. . . and I can seriously say I hope to never see another for as long as I live. Knowing that won't be the case, perhaps a gallon of Round-up would make a great gift!
With so many friends over to play the past 7-10 days I'm sure the kids won't mind a little R&R this week. A little more yard work, finishing up our small addition (a.k.a. the "Mancave"), and entering week 30 in this new pregnancy should be enough for me for sure!


Two Little Bugs and a Bichon said...

I cannot believe you are 30 weeks! THe little guys will be here before you know it!! And the babes look so cute in their Easter outfits!

Two Little Bugs and a Bichon said...

Ok...I meant to say the little guy...not guys!! Since having twins my brain is programmed that babies only come in pairs!!!! I will ask friends that are pregnant...when are they coming??? Which I will get a look of, court...there is only one baby!!!!