Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh, What a week!

I don't know where she gets it! Annelise has discovered the one of only two tubes of lipstick I own and is THRILLED to see herself wearing it! She insists on getting ready with me most mornings and the result is that she now loves make-up! When a baby girl looks this happy putting it on, who am I to tell her no! She is not as thrilled when I take it off of her moments later however!
Miss MaeZee spent the night with us this weekend and the children hung on every word as she read them stories at the table. As always, the babies had a great time playing with her and we think she had just as much fun. . .until bedtime! Clearly, not her favorite time!
What do you think is making him this mad? The dirty floors that I haven't had time to clean? The fact he's wearing all dark grey and black? Or could it be his hair? Don't asnwer that!!!! I won't cut it!!!! I can't!!!! He'll look like a big boy and I only have a baby boy! I just can't do it!
Sometimes it only takes a second to empty an entire thing of milk onto your tray and splash it so far that mommy has to clean off the piano that's in the next room! I was only 10 feet away washing dishes! At least he had fun!
So, this week the babies are recovering from a cold and Annelise is on the mend from her first ear infection! Yuck! We were busy as always but managed to play plenty outside and are glad all the sickness is on it's way out!
Should you get a moment and feel so inclined, the tab on the right for Stellan really is an amazing story that will no doubt tug at your heart strings! To read his story makes us all a bit more grateful for the small colds that we get in comparison to his huge battle.

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Machelle said...

First, I love pictures of your kids. Second, after that icecream are you sure you are a lb lighter?! You have a baby though and have a reason! haha!!! You are beautiful!