Friday, May 1, 2009

The tight rope walker and the flosser!

Maybe I'm the only parent on the planet that allows their children to walk to ledge of the crib railing. Maybe. . . maybe not! My theory is this. . . If you (small child who is learning from everything you do) are brave enough to check your balance on the one inch crib rail then I (mother of twins who are obviously not scared of heights or walking on narrow surfaces) will let you try. What is the worst thing that can happen? It's not too far up that I fear massive injury. It's not like I'm making you walk the plank of a pirate ship. They seem to be thrilled at testing their balance and I'm totally entertained by watching. It's probably a good thing that I didn't get my camera fast enough to show everyone the little man doing the same thing NO HANDED just minutes before. Yes I am serious and yes, I did feel the need to stop that trick. Maybe when he's 21 months old I'll let him try again!
Until then he'll be flossing! My kids have ALWAYS been a fan of flossing. Usually they love brushing their teeth as well. The only thing they could take or leave is mommy and daddy helping them brush. However, flossing has been a boarderline obsession around here. Every morning the little guy gets his floss and pretends to floss himself. Soon after his teeth get the OK, he moves on to helping Annelise floss hers. She loves to let him pretend to floss her teeth. Since Annelise actually has a few teeth that need flossing I help out at the end but they both love it dearly!

Perhaps all this is a sign that we have a future Dentist on our hands or perhaps Tight Rope Walkers! Either way I know they will love what they do! Until then we will be scaling the walls or keeping up on our oral hygene. Happy May day!

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