Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Non-stop weekend!

Annelise had her toenails polished for the first time ever and was sooooooooo thrilled! Her favorite summer dress and ponytails topped her and she was proud as a peacock!

He looked like a natural to us at the river on Monday!

Bodie hitting the Dam in Horseshoe Bend on Monday.

Isabelle with her glasses and chicken out on the boat! Too cute!

So the weekend continues. . . . We weren't quite done having fun so we took it upon ourselves to add Tuesday to the Memorial Day weekend! With that said, our boat had to make its maiden voyage for the year at the Black Canyon. We polished her off, added some great friends, a little fried chicken and away we went! It was a nice afternoon for all and even though the water was FREEZING (ask Sam, the only one to actually get in it!) we had a great day. By the evening though it was apparent that our babies needed a little R&R so today we are simply relaxing and enjoying the nothing on our schedule.

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