Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend!

Annelise and Sebastian. He just turned one!

Campfire boy!

Abby and the girls in the background.

Here are just a few pics from our Memorial Day weekend. . . still in progress! I just couldn't resist showing off how sweet these babies are! We started our week off with GREAT playdates Thursday and Friday at new parks with some new and old friends. I even had the opportunity to play catch up with a friend from high school who has a daughter only 2 weeks younger than the twins. With the crew of friends constantly building the twin will be so lucky to have a great group of kids to play with all summer!
Our Saturday was filled with sun and fun at Arrowrock Lake with Uncle Kurt and Aunt Angela. Annelise has always really loved her Uncle Kurt but I was almost heart broken while in the middle of smothering him with kisses and doritos she waved bye-bye to me as if she would be just fine chillin' with her Uncle! I acted like I was leaving and she was perfectly fine! AGHGH! Personally, it's great to know she loves him to bits and is fine all by her big girl self but a HUGE reminder that she's getting big! Bodie was tickled pink all afternoon picking weeds, playing in sand, eating snacks, and throwing dirt. He captivated all the ladies with his charming ways as usual and soon he'll need to be called Casinova!
Sunday we headed for our favorite mountain destination. . . Prairie! Bodie had a BLAST getting dirt bike rides, finding sticks, and running up and down the hills with Annelise. There were lots of men there and the little guy is certainly a Man's man and fit in perfectly like one of them! Annelise has a good friend, Isabelle, that she just can't get enough of. The girls chased the dogs, showed off their art work and babbled some sort of language to each other that only they can understand! All in all we had the perfect mountain day. BBQ, sun, dirt bikes, friends, and our favorite place on earth!
Today we are off to the river rapids to play again as soon as the babies get up from morning nap! I hope we can some how incorporate the memories of the people we love and have lost into our day as well. With such an amazing generation that has gone before us I know it won't be hard. Not to mention the babies have a Grandpa and a Great Grandpa, and a cousin that are Veterans and it's never to early to tell them how GRATEFUL we are for the sacrifices they made! Have a Great Memorial Day weekend!

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