Monday, August 3, 2009

Oh Rolley Polley. . .Where are you?

The river always feels so good when it's been so hot!

Bodie loves to get a ride from Daddy!

Looking for Rolley Polley and any other member of the bug family!

My own little bug!

A great place to find spiders!

Both Bodie and Annelise have a new love. No, not some friend's adorable toddler or even a toy. Believe it or not I have shown my children the joys of bugs! That's right! BUGS! Personally, I am scared of most all of them but especially spiders! However, I managed to suck it up and handle a few so my kids could learn about all the little creatures that invade our property daily. With how crazy our week was I was happy that we had at least one calm afternoon at home. .. in our grubby clothes. . .looking for bugs.


The Campbells said...

Bugs... lovely! Sean and Aly are both afraid of them and Noah, he would just reach out and grab whatever interests him. I am afraid he's going to put them in his mouth!
We've decided to skip the Boise trip this summer. It's a bummer but the fact that Saya's still pretty small and I have three other toddlers, it was going to be way tough driving down there. But, we'll make it next year and I will definitely bug you then!
Btw, how's your little Brayton? Saya's getting big and chubby. Amazing how the time flies.

Brandy said...

Grubby clothes...aka a diaper and a sun hat. I love it.