Friday, August 14, 2009

We know how to have a good time!

At Wyatt's birthday party.

Michelle's son Matthew couldn't keep his hands off Brayton. He LOVED him dearly!

Annelise at the river. All those adorable bathing suites and here she is in her diaper almost every time. Go figure!

He is equally as cute in person!!

Bodie and his new haircut!

Riding the jet ski. He likes to do the gas himself now! I am in so much trouble when he gets older!
Rub-a-dub-dub a bunch of toddlers in the tub!

That's right! We know how to have a pretty darn good time and I'm not afraid to say so myself! Although the weather has been very wishy-washy lately and can't quite decide if it's going to be hot or cold, we have gone full steam ahead in our pursuit to have a good time regardless. At our usual Friday playgroup. . . that I MUST tell you has the all time cutest toddlers you have EVER seen!. . . we had more babies in a pool than you could shake a stick at! It was so cute to see them all bobbing around in their floaties while we watched from the grass taking pictures.
We did our standard river runs this week but with a twist! We went to a new location on the same river. It proved to be every bit as entertaining as our normal spots with less hiking. Less hiking is always good when you haul sooooooo much stuff with you. Not to mention 3 children! Did I mention that we have THREE children???? Still blows our minds!
We had a few great playdates but the highlight for me was with my friend Michelle. She is simply a kindred spirit who I admire for her parenting skills and has three of the most delightful children you could ever hope to meet! Our two hour playdate turned into four because we were all just simply that happy! If I had to pick a sister she'd be right up there with my cousins for top billing!
Another fun thing we did was hit Monkey Bizness for Wyatt's birthday. He hit the big 4! Makes me want to say 4-0. . .. but he's just 4. Plain old 4. Still, he gives 4 some serious sassiness! They played with all my other friends children and ate their weight in cake! Good times for sure and we will be headed back in the future!
I almost forgot!!!! I cut Bodie's hair!!!!! I am still sad about it but I had a photographer coming to take pics and I didn't want to look back one day and wish I had trimmed it. So, I cut it! I may never do it again since I'm still a little sad over it but he looks adorable and the photos have turned out amazing. She only let me see a few but so far I love them!
Lastly, Brayton is growing like a weed! Seriously!!!! This kid will pass up his siblings in no time! He's an absolute joy and although he's been the most work of all three. . .it's worth every bit of extra effort! His eyes are the bluest blue of any of the children this young so perhaps they will stay that way. Brayton is the perfect addition to this very busy family that has no problem finding a good time!


Brandy said...

Oh Kimberly, we wish you were a sister of ours too, but I feel blessed to call you a cousin. I admire you! And by the way, I know the feeling about cutting Bodie's hair. I could NOT cut Kylie's hair, I even had people telling me she looked like flock of seaguls and I still cried when it was cut!

Allison said...

Kimberly, I haven't been on your site in forever and now get on and see you have another baby! That is so awesome! That's what I get for having triplets, time gets away from me and I don't keep up. Your kids are so cute, congrats on the new little one. :)