Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two year well check ups!

The two year well check ups were today. Bodie is keeping his steady growth pattern but keeping things under the radar at 21 lbs. and 29" tall. With all the food he eats you would think he would be a giant but he's more of the "Didn't see him coming" type and is waiting to give us the giant growth spurt later! I swear half his weight is in those big brown eyes!
Our Annelise (a.k.a. Anna Banana, the Nanners, Nanner pants) is taking the lead at 26 lbs and 31" tall! We were expecting her to be a bit bigger but WOW! 5 whole lbs.!! Still only lands her in the 20%. Go figure! Both babies are happy, healthy, growing, learning, and loving so all is just as it should be!

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