Sunday, January 9, 2011

It doesn't take much

That's right. It doesn't take much these days to impress or entertain a group of toddler's.
Not much at all I say.
But if you look close enough in some of these photos you will see what was keeping them busy for 20 minutes before bedtime tonight.
Incase you aren't certain, I will help you out. That, my dear friend's, is a box elder bug. We have lot's of them. LOTS! Since it's so cold outside we have decided to let them live inside with us. Or rather, Annelise has decided since she is the animal/insect whisperer. A few years ago this would have NEVER been OK with me but you know what? I just can't think of a thing that it will hurt if we let them live here. In fact, that 20 minutes was rather enjoyable for us all. So I guess we now have 2 horses, 2 dogs, 3 cats and an entire population of box elder bugs. Sweet!

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The Campbells said...

Haha, things certainly changed! Why not!? Being a Mom pushes you out from the comfort zone for sure! Love it!