Saturday, January 8, 2011

Once if we like it, a few more if we love it!

You aren't seeing double. This is the same place we were at in the last post. I guess we are no different no matter what state we live in. If we like the activity, we go back again and again and again and again!!! The Polar Patch seems to be one of those return trips. It so much fun to be all bundled up, zooming down slides, riding behind those beautiful horses, and breathing in some fresh air. Last time Daddy was able to join us so it was even more fun! Never thought I would say we are getting use to the chilly weather but really, we are! (Today it was 10* and all I wore to the YMCA was a sweatshirt.) Anyway, here are a few more pictures from the other day. Great times once again!

Then, here are a few pictures of New Year's Eve at the local Wilton Bar with some new friend's and neighbors. Now our closest neighbors are a few miles away but we sure lucked out and have the best neighbors!
Misty and Randy! Bodie just cracks up laughing at Randy all the time! This is one fun couple that we have really enjoyed getting to know. With their two young girl's they have been a blessing for us all!
This is Doreen and me. Her and her husband are actually our closest neighbors in general and are the family that we acquired the cats from. A super sweet couple that have proven to be loads of fun as well. What more could we ask for?I don't have any pictures right now but we also started our second session of swim lessons this week. Great new instructors and even Brayton has joined in on the fun. I am just blown away at how much quicker they learn to actually swim from an instructor. My children have always loved the water but they seem to be becoming more like fish with every lesson. We hear the coldest two months are upon us now and I am glad we have some activites that force us out to play every week. Our New Year really started off in a frenzy but we hope to see all our family and friend's this year on some great vacations! We hope 2011 will be a joyous one for everyone!!

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