Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not every choice is an easy one

Pokie Pokie and Alice. Yesterday I had to make a hard call. One I am still sad about and also a little guilty about. As you know, we had a BAD mice problem when we first moved. Our solution was to get a few farm cats. I knew the children would love them and unexpectedly, I really liked them too. They were great with the children and very sweet. They were great companions to Lucy and were hilarious as they followed us all through the snow.
Sadly, they began displaying some really odd behavior. I won't go into detail because it really was disgusting and odd. There were numerous things that were not adding up and after numerous phone calls to people who had cats, two Vet's, and the Humane Society, we made the decision to get rid of the kitties.
The children haven't noticed yet that they are gone and I dread telling them. What is even more sad is that Kitty Kitty (the other fluffy white and black one) was killed by a coyote right in front of our garage yesterday morning. A friend took the two remaining kitties to a farm down the way where they would make the choice to try save them or put them down. I asked not to know the decision.
This is where the guilt sets in. Pokie Pokie and Alice seemed so freaked out about the death of their sibling. They acted more normal yesterday afternoon than they have in weeks and were so sweet cuddled up together on the railing. Makes me wonder if I should have given them more time? Tried harder? Had them tested and treated? Regardless, I brought animals into our lives and now they are gone. Sick or not sick, I feel sick about it.

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