Monday, January 17, 2011

Things are getting out of control!!!!

In more ways than one!!!! Maybe it's because the weather is cold? Maybe it's because I simply have to pick my battles with these three? Maybe it's because I am out numbered here? No matter the reason, things have been getting out of control and it's making for some really great fun! As you can see here! Brayton had a BLAST throwing cereal off of the high chair and onto the floor where the twins had an equally good time eating it. Since they never get to eat cereal, I would have thought that they would savor every bite and not waste it but then again, they did eat every last morsel off of the not so clean floor. Like I said, things are out of control!
Here is just another area that things are. . . well, building to a not so controlled status!
I do need to get out there and start shoveling but I don't know if you know this but IT'S COLD!!!! On the good side of all that snow, it puts the kitties at eye level with the children when they are at the door! Always a positive!
I guess I won't be using this door anytime soon??? And yes, those cats are COVERED in snow but they REFUSE to stay in the barn all day. Even though there is warmth and cuddley hay, they think we need to see them 24/7. Silly kitties!!
Yep, that's more snow out our front door. Again, this needs to be shoveled by little old me but like I said, things are getting out of control. This pile is about 2' deep too so I am in no hurry to get out there. Not to mention, it will be back there all too soon. Glad we think it's so pretty!!! Hope we can get things in control some time soon!!

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Wonderful family

I wish you happiness