Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This girl is a little bit of magic, a pinch of spice, and a mother hen. She is brave and crafty, aggressive and shy, and a hot tempered drama queen at times. Since birth she has loved, loved, loved reading and would rather sit and read than do most anything else. You will be tattled on in a New York minute for breaking a rule in front of her but she can also be your best ally in the event you are planning a scheme.
We have always joked that Annelise would have moved out on her own straight from the NICU if we would have let her. Her independent spirit has made her our easiest child at times and our biggest challenge. She needs little when it comes to attention but loves it more than anything when she gets her alone time with us. It's just hard to put into words what a blessing our only girl has been. She is the leader of this trio and the assistant any mommy would love to have.
She is a compassionate girl with good manners and a kind heart.
Anna, Anna Banana, Nanners, Nanner pants, Shmanders, Chubby Bunny, and Daddy's girl! We are so thrilled we get to raise this little lady and are so proud of all the wonderful qualities she possesses. Every house needs a little bit of sugar and she is certainly ours!

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