Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pumpkin' Patch Rediculousness!

You knew it was coming! I cannot, cannot help myself when it comes to the Harvest times festivities. I am a sucker for them all!!!! I guess it doesn't matter where we live, I manage to find every pumpkin patch known to man and then we frequent it like a bad habit!

Mazes keep is running!
Bodie being so disapointed that you had to be 6 years old to ride the zip lines. You know, 6 is his favorite number of all time so that will certainly be a magical year when it finally get's here!

"Come on ride the train. . . .and ride it!" I had to say that!

The corn box!

This year, the owner's of Papa's Pumpkin Patch were flooded out. Their home was destroyed and a lot of the grounds that host the Patch every year. This was it's temporary location but I thought they did an AMAZING job! The combine and trains all made it to the new spot so the children could see and play on something familiar. It's a family run venue and they make everyone feel like a relative.

Simple fun.

Bodie and his buddy Truett having a great time!

Annelise doesn't need the action, just a pretty little pumpkin house will do just fine!

We have already visited a few times but our first trip we went with Truett and Rocco! They have proven to be a lot of fun and have a great family that we adore. Makes it all even better!

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Graham and Julia said...

What a gorgeous family! And YOU look like a runway model!
You are all having so much fun...doesn't it go way too quickly?
It was so great to 'see' you recently on Graham and Julia's blog...I am so happy you and your lovely family are doing well!!
Wishing you best, xoxox Therese