Sunday, March 15, 2009

Catching up!

Annelise is one smart cookie staying warm until the sun came out.

Riding the dirt bikes all day (literally) at Big Willow with lots of friends. After an entire day there the kids were still sad when we loaded up to head home.

Annalise giving Bodie a great big hug!

Dillon and his friend at the 4H horse show Friday night. It was his first show and we were all super proud of him. He did a great job and we were flattered to be his guests.

Start every day with a tutu and a smile!

With the weather warming up it sure seems that time at the computer is farther and farther between these days. Today has turned out to be gloomey and rainy so instead of heading to Clay Peak for more dirt biking we are lounging all day at home playing a fabulous game of catching up!

This week was either crazy or mellow depending on the day. We managed to get lots of grandparent visits in, a walk with our favorite 5 month old Melanie, dirt biking in Payette, and even attended a horse show Friday night. We had an eventful week but lots of fun. Friday was one of those days with a thousand things to do but we had already committed to our buddy Dillon and we are so glad we did! He is a proud cowboy in the local 4H and was showing his horse Blue for the first time. He did such a great job! The babies were impressed with all the horses and mommy was impressed with how well behaved all the children were. I think it's true that dirty hands keep a clean head!

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Its A Corny Life... said...

I so know what you mean...nice weather = no blogging. I have been the same way. As always, it sounds like you all have been busy, busy, busy. Such cuties you have there though! I love seeing the new pictures. Man, they get big fast.