Saturday, March 21, 2009


This is what a congested little girl looks like on her new trike. Still cute huh?

Taking a ride on the bike with a motor! Much easier!

These are the cows in our front yard that are proving to be a fabulous crowd of listeners for babies learning new words every day. Annelise can even get them to come close enough to pet their nose. Bodie probably could if he wasn't yelling "GO!" to them nonstop.

Poor little girl! Pathedic right??
He sees you!
You are probably wondering why it has taken me so many days to post new pictures?!? I can only say that I am a slacker! The weather has been too, too, too nice to be inside and when we are inside I must confess that I have been having the best time reconnecting to people on that stupid, time consuming, very addicting, and far too easy to use facebook. Yep! I made fun of all of you for being on there and now I am one of you! It has been so nice though to talk to friends that I haven't seen or heard from in 20+ years that help define my childhood.
As for the babies. . .we have been learning to ride our new trikes! Although I can't say we have mastered the task we are certainly eager learners and they love to push them around the front yard. Miss Annelise has her very first REAL cold. Complete with runny nose and cough and if you see her in the next few days, please excuse her very honory mood. She is trying to learn that feeling bad doesn't give you the right to be nasty but it's a hard lesson to learn. She is so use to being so healthy that this has put her in the dumps! Her brother has been trying to kiss her and hug her as much as he can but even he is ready to throw in the towel!
Hopefully the next week will bring better health for Anna Banana and both babies can enjoy more of spring! YEAH! It's about time!

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M.M. said...

hope she gets well soon. Both of mine have runny noses.. Not too bad thankfully.
LOL, Facebook got you hooked too, huh? It is very addictive, now it's got me playing their stupid virtual reality games! ...must step away from the computer...