Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend company!

We never tire of our friends coming to stay and pay us a visit. Last weekend some of our dear friends from Oregon came for a nice four day weekend bringing along all the entertainment my babies need! Evan (9), Gretta (7), and Abbigail (3) were an absolute delight and we are so blessed our children have such great friends to play with. We were crazy busy sledding on the tubing hill at Bogus, running crazy at Chuck E' Cheese, dirt bike riding ( or dirkin' ridin' as Abby says), playing at Rafiki, and just enjoying games and playtime together. We really enjoy having them and it's great for me to be able to have my girlfriend time without leaving the house. One thing is for sure, Bodie and I never can get over what great friends we have and how lucky we are.

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normapicsandquips said...

I just love opening your blog in the morning and seeing what is going on with my precious babies. It makes me laugh and feel good.