Monday, March 9, 2009

Put me to bed in pants please!

Last week I learned a very, very, very valuable lesson. It has always seemed to me that taking a nap in your jeans would be uncomfortable so I usually remove them before putting the babies in for a nap. After their nice long three hour nap I heard a little whimpering from Annelise. When I peaked in all I saw was Bodie fast asleep still and I figured that Annelise never wakes up grumpy so I would let her have a few more minutes to wake up. Ten minutes later I went in only to find out what the whimpering was for! She had removed her diaper and sat in her crib with a VERY messy tushie! Needless to say, I will save those photos for bribing in the future but here is the afternoon bath time that was tons of fun. Unfortunately, we were expecting company for the weekend and washing sheets and bathing took the place of the grocery store that day. It's very hard to get mad when they are this stinkin' cute! From now on though we will make sure the booty is covered to prevent diaperless naps!

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M.M. said...

Hehe, poor Annelise! Just today, I went in to see why Hendrix was screaming hysterically because that only happens when something is very upsetting to him. I found he had removed his shirt and pants. He appeared to be a little cold. Fortunately he did not succeed in removing his diaper. I expect it to happen someday soon. I see him trying.