Thursday, March 10, 2011


He was the first born. The baby who had to bare the weight of his twin the entire time I was pregnant and even to this day, he would do anything for his sister. This little man is obsessed with his Daddy, motorcycle's, and all things that go fast. With this particular zest for speed you would think he was a dare devil but not at all. He is the one who studies something until he knows he can do it and then carefully plans his attack. He has a sense of balance that is seriously so impressive that the circus isn't out of the question for his career!
He started walking at 10 months and turned heads because he was so tiny doing it. His big brown eyes have stolen a few hearts in his day and isn't shy about letting the ladies know he likes them. Don't be too fooled though, he has an honory side as long as you are tall! He can throw a tantrum that makes you wonder where he learned his skills and will also make you question your own parenting skills. He is busy as busy can be and while he is awake, there is no off button in sight. All boy and all about dirt and destruction but there is nothing more pure than when this little man settles in your lap for some love. He needs his daily dose of hugs and kisses more than the other two and is the most happy next to a parent. His siblings both fight for his attention and he is usually kind enough to cater to them both.
Bodie, Bobo, Bobo on the go-go, Big Guy, Little Man, just to name a few. There truly is no one who loves their mommy more than her little boy or a truer buddy to his Daddy. This child has brought us unimaginable joy and we are blessed to be chosen as his parent's.

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