Saturday, March 12, 2011


Last but in no way the least, our little man Brayton. When Brayton was born, I am pretty certain he was in charge from day one. He has always known what he wanted, has never been afraid to go get it, and is the most determined of the three. He has a die hard spirit for adventure and is scared by nothing other than the sound of the blender and being seperated from Mommy. The twin's doted on him day and night when he was an infant and between Mommy, Daddy, and them we are pretty sure we spoiled him to the core. He is a pistol and can test you to the limit but is also the absolute biggest cuddler of any child I have ever known. Nothing is better than being held and he doesn't mind begging for it if needed. He is sugar with a side of tobasco!
He has won our hearts with those huge dimples and blonde hair. The baby of this family but in so many ways, such a big boy. He is bursting at the seams with vocabulary and talks constantly. He eats as much as the adults do and yet has remained a pint sized ball of fire! This little man has a thousand expressions and can "woo" a crowd with them all. We are just in love, love, love with this boy and cannot express how much joy and excitement he has brought to our family.
Brayton, "B", B'Licious, Cheeky (the twin's nicknamed him this on their own), Bug, and one of Daddy's Peeps, he is as sweet as they come. Thank goodness for surprises because we can't imagine a minute without this little fella!

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Tired Parents said...

Oh, how sweet! All your children are so adorable. Too bad we live far, but it would have been fun to have a playdate with you and your children... That way, I could also learn a trick or two from you on how to stay energetic and positive with multiple children in the house!