Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn!!!

I couldn't resist the chance to slip in some good 70's lyrics on this post since we, indeed, did stay at the Holiday Inn this weekend. I am pretty sure no one who knows me is very surprised. :) We packed up and hit the road again to celebrate the Big 30 with my cousin Brandy!!! Luckily, we got to see my Aunt and Uncle, Cousin Jessica and her son Weston, and Brandy's husband and children as well. It was a quick trip but the children had a great time and I think you can see why. The hotel was a child's heaven for swim adventures! In all honesty, I hadn't been to a Holiday Inn for quite some time and I can tell you, they have upped their game!! Good times!

Sadly, when I knew I would be going the only thing I said to myself was that I wanted pictures of everyone before we left. Cousin's with cousin's, the children all together in some sort of adorable pig pile, and some of my Aunt and Uncle as well. Do you think I was smart enough to do that? Nope! So once again, I kick myself. Without any photo's to prove it, I can tell you that both my pregnant cousin's look beautiful, their children are equally beautiful in all ways, and my Aunt and Uncle seem to never ever change a bit. It was a fun, all to quick trip, and I love and miss my family even more every time I get to see them. Happy Birthday Brandy Rose!!!

Brayton, Bodie, Logyn, and Annelise taking to the slippery steps! Brayton's belly!
Annelise getting brave enough to climb the steps and squirt the water on everyone below. She is not a fan of being on the receiving end of this contraption.
Good times!
Anna Banana having fun!
Brayton relaxing in the pool with Daddy. Kid is so calm and relaxed in the water.

The only thing that would have made this trip better was more time, more time, and more time with family.

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