Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Spirit at the Bates house!

"Is this serously not alright to wear outside?"
"I'm plenty warm Mom, I swear!"

Santa hats and babies are a holiday must have!

"If we could just open this silly gate we could get to that tree!"

Looks like a Christmas tree to me but temptaion to them!
Here are a few pics from the week. It's been chilly outside but we finally got a few decorations up after much procrastination. We have hardly shopped at all yet ( I know. . .I'm in trouble!) but we have hed the best time with the babies just playing and enjoying their ever changing personalities. It's been nice to just absorb every second with them and let the hustle of the holidays fly by without a care. Having said that everyone can look forward to our holiday cards getting out in the mail tomorrow! YIKES! With any luck we are only hoping you get them before New Years. If they come any later just change the year to 2009 and pretend I'm really on top of things for next year!


Its A Corny Life... said...

Merry Christmas and congratulations on your wonderful news! I am secretly hoping the same thing happens to us someday. :-)

Membership Required said...

So on the hair bows....she has literally had them on her head since birth. there did come a time when she would yank them out and I would have to thump her hand. Yes, I was a mean mama when it came to bows and I was all about bow training. Once in a while she will pull a bow out...I think just to get my goat but she is very bow conscious and will ask for them by color and or preference based on her outfit. She knows that nap time no bows or pony tails are allowed so not to crush the bow. I have forgotten a couple of times to remove bow and have rushed back to her room as she was crying hysterically....bow off, bow off! Bows are a big thing here in Texas and the bigger the better. I am so in love with it as I was a bow head myself. Here is a little blog piece that I found that I thought you might get a kick out of.

jbohldc said...

I'm so happy to hear your exciting news! Looks like the Holtan girls have been hard at work :) Hope you had a merry Christmas.


Machelle said...

lol, you are correct! Mackenzie is mini me and Brooke is mini dad! They are getting big...13 lbs now! Glad you had a great Christmas!!!