Sunday, December 14, 2008

MaeZee makes our day!

It must have been hard to move but they still loved it!
Early morning entertainment. The MaeZee and Lucy show!

She beat the sun outside this morning!

What a great weekend! We were so lucky when cousin MaeZee came to play. The babies and MaeZee spent about an hour playing in the tub and I'm pretty sure there were equal parts water in the tub and on the floor! They laughed at each other and played so nicely the entire time. It started snowing super hard yesterday and by this morning all the children just wanted to get out there and play! MaeZee was sooooo excited that she was literally outside by about 7:15 a.m.!! Seriously, it was still dark but MaeZee and Lucy, her new BFF, just kept the babies entertained and made sure to throw lots of snow at the glass and make the babies laugh. We did a little shopping and had hot cocoa after round two in the snow. We love to have her over and just get such a kick out of her funny expressions!

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Machelle said...

So jealous!! I wish I saw snow more often!! (not too often tho!)