Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hair today. . .Tummy tomorrow!

There are just certain meals that never make it to the tummy. I was busy putting up the Christmas tree (Yes, a whole week before the big day) and if you can imagine it was quite a challenge with a hundred glass bulbs and a curious set of 15 month old twins by my side. Since I needed both my hands I thought I would lavish snacks upon the babies as they watched me from their high chairs. By the time I really looked at them closely they had food from one end of the kitchen to the other, in their hair, down their shirt, and anywhere they could throw it. All this while I was literally 8 feet away! It took almost as long to clean it all up as it did for me to decorate the tree. The moral of the story is that food and Christmas trees don't mix! Then again, it's hard to find something cuter than a messy baby. (Except maybe a sleeping one!)

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