Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year Resolution!

The babies Christmas morning.
Annelise takes after Daddy for sure!

It would be hard to get any sweeter than our boy.

Assaulting the presents one jump at a time!

Annelise and Bella the Bunny. She was so gentle!

This is seriously a new arena for me! New Year resolutions are not something I have ever been interested in taking part in. Mainly because they normally involve some form of physical movement in an attempt to lose weight or some hairball idea that you will never even really try. So having said that I really am going to put one into action. What is it you say??? Well, as you all know we have 16 month old twins (as of today. . .Happy Birthday!) and being twins isn't all it's cracked up to be all the time. Often times they are clumped together as if they only have one life between the two of them. Always being together, which is adorable, but rarely get the one-on-one time of a singleton. So this year I am hoping to get the children alone more to help them explore their budding personalities and to see who they are becoming as my little boy and sweet girl. Since we don't like to leave our babies this may be a challenge but I think Daddy and I can tag team the two of them and make it happen. It should be so much fun for us all and I really hope the babies get to feel unique and special. They really are so different and it will also be so much fun to post all about them!

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