Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkey Day!

The Plaat kids. . .a.k.a the A-team! Alexandra, Andrea, Alyssa, and Austin.
Annelise really found her buddy in cousing Austin. He was sooooo good with the babies and Annelise knows a sweet boy when she sees him. She had a real soft spot for him all week.

Snacking on appetizers before dinner.

Must be a good topic of conversation going on.

A darling picture of our "Nanners" at the track!

On Thanksgiving itself we were doing our usual running around! We started at my brother Kurt and Angela's house. They deep fired their turkey and made quite the holiday spread! The babies were pretty fresh at this point and had a pretty good time checking out the gold fish pond and seeing Bella the bunny. Lots of family members to share stories and laughs with for sure. It's always nice to spend the holidays with my Dad as well. After early dinner we headed over to Nanny Bates' house were she outdid herself on the turkey dinner! She set a lovely table for everyone and it was nice to have all of Bodie's sisters and brother in one big space. The babies had to get to bed so we missed all the games but we hear it was a really fun time! Lastly, we did eat dinner over at my mother's house as well on Saturday and as you can see I never did gt any photos because at this time the babies were falling apart. It wasn't anything we really could have avoided. Chalk it up to a week of over-stimulation and by the sixth or seventh dinner for the week the babies were on full melt down mode. Bummer but she did make a great dinner as well and it was nice to hang out with all my family again.

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