Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday pictures!

Shelley and Chris with three of their kids at Grandpa George and Grandma Linda's farm.
Annelise loving the baby kitty on the farm.

Getting ready for some back country trail blazing!

Andrea and Alyssa with Bodie at the Go-Cart track.

Bodie and cousin Chelsea!

Bodie's sisters were both here for Thanksgiving along with their family. We had a GREAT time with everyone and did everything from bowling to go-carts, visiting the farm and playing lots of fun games. We of course all ate our weight in food and I don't know if I ever care to see a turkey again but it was delicious while it lasted. Shelley and her husband Christopher also got the chance to visit Grandpa George and Grandma Linda's farm in Midvale Idaho. They had a great time on the four wheelers and checking out the wide open spaces. We feel so blessed that they have the farm because both Bodie and I feel that the kids will really benefit from the life style out there. Caring about animals and the land, spending time with your loved ones with no city hustle, and the simplicity we both grew up with means a lot to us both. It was a great way to start the week!

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